New Writing Regime

Yesterday, I started my new writing regime.

Over the weekend, I cleared a writing space for myself in the shed and it is quite cosy.
I have my writing desk, a window to the side and electricity, light and heat.

I moved in (so to speak) and I like the feel of it so far.
The distractions are absolutely minimal.

I reckon that this is the only way that I will finish my (first) book. So here’s to it.

This morning, after a bad nights’ sleep with an upset tum, I failed to rise to start my early morning writing session. You see, I have decided that I am definitely more creative in the mornings. By the time I get home in the evenings, I am only able for a glass of wine, some TV and bed. This morning, I felt that the sleep was needed. I know this is not one of those excuses that are so easy to make to put off writing.

I look forward to tomorrows session.


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