Day 11 – Friday 10th September 2010

I got up at 6:30am. Dark and wet outside. Made the trek to the writing outpost, without the aid of a sherpa.

I am getting better at the one handed in-the-dark fumblings for the lock. A skill I developed years ago in other situations. It’s just like riding a bike.Only back then, it wasn’t a lock. Well, not really. 😉

Why one-handed I hear you ask. Well, I now have my laptop over my shoulder, a cup of scalding tea in one hand and my keys for the padlock in the other. It’ll all end bad 🙂 One day.

I managed to trot out another 1000 words but alas not for the novel. I want to keep this blog up to date and I had to write a longish email to a twitter friend regarding the use of mobile modems in Spain. I hope that I helped her. I think I did. Well, I tried anyway.

I have no shortage of material to write about, especially in the novel. At this stage, everything is flowing fine. Today is Friday so the weekend beckons. I should be able to get in a good 4 hours at the novel tomorrow morning. Maybe with a treat of a lie-in until 8-ish. After all, it will be birthday.


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