Day 12 – Sunday 12th September 2010

Today I made some interesting and important discoveries, and not just about my writing.

I was doing a braincheck on some of the elements that go into a good story, one of which was the clear identification of an antagonist and what their goals were that were in opposition to the protagonists. Thinking about it clarified my thoughts and I even realised that the character I was thinking of in the role of antagonist could in fact evolve into a different role. That lead me to searching for another antagonist within my characters and voila, there he was. Looking out at me all this time. So I will follow that line and see where it takes me.  This scrutiny of my own antagonist also lead me to answer a niggling discomfort i was having reading Michael Connelly’s book “Nine Dragons”. I am an avid reader of all of Michaels’ books, particularly the Bosch novels. “Nine Dragons” left me cold. I am still struggling to finish it and I am on the last 30 pages! The thing is, there was no clear antagonist in the book. It makes that much of a difference. Lesson learned.

The second thing I learned is that where a story leads is not always comfortable. I thought that I had it all thought out and mapped but no. Filling out the story can sometimes lead the it away from the track laid out before it. This is simutaneously interesting and unnerving. I am going to go where the story takes me rather than re-shape it to fit the plot, which I now deem to be “evolving”.

I have also learned the need to keep track of characters including any physical descriptions, traits, relationships, positions etc. So I am writing more words outside of the story itself as I manage them.

The last thing learned yesterday was that a writer needs to take breaks. Learned because my writing time is being honored by the rest of the family who are leaving me completely free from distraction. I now need to stop myself and get a change of scenery and air and to allow myself time to let the story evolve in my head.

So an interesting day and another 1250 words forward.


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