Day 13 – Saturday 18th September

The last few days have been nothing if not difficult. Every day seems to have brought a different obstacle to my writing schedule. Monday was, well, Monday. Hard to start at the best of times.

Tuesday was better but I ended up doing research before I could advance the story. The devil is in the detail after all. No writing but still progress.

Wednesday was better but still under pressure time-wise in the morning. I only managed to trot out a paltry 280 words before heading off to work. But they were words that moved the story along again.

At the end of the working day, there was a calamity at work. This resulted in an almost sleepless night for me.  I won’t get into the details but that event, which I might or might not expand on at some stage, made Thursday a non event in the writing sense. It pretty much ruined Friday morning too.

Today, Saturday 18th, I am back to the writing. The other matter is still ongoing but I am trying to get past it. It was one of those crucial times in life when a stand had to be made.  Now I am back writing. The story continues to evolve and I have trotted out almost 1000 words again already. I have also realised that the bulk of what I have written has just covered the opening stages of the story. I didn’t think it would make that much.


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