Ireland Needs Solutions

Originally posted on 8th October on my other blog space.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that Ireland is currently in a bit of a mess. Widely reported around the globe, we were blindly led into a black hole created by the supernova that was Anglo Irish Bank. Much has been said and written on this topic and though it is deadly serious, it is really time for the citizens of Ireland, who did not cause this in any way, to find an escape route out of a lifetime of destitution, despair and debt. There are always options. To wit, I have a couple to start us with:
(1) Invade America, along the lines of the movie “The Mouse That Roared” – only we had better lose!
(2) Mass exodus to somewhere cheaper, with better weather. I propose Spain. I will even organise it for anyone who wants to go, once critical mass is achieved. Let’s say 100 couples with €200K apiece. We could all go, buy up some cheap(er) property – 2 bedroom apartment/flat type with secure parking, gated community and we will all set up our own “little Ireland” community. Get in touch if interested.
Any more ideas? I’d love to hear from you.


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