Scrivener – Word Processor For Writing Now On PC

As a veteran PC user, I have never possessed a Mac. For the most part, this has caused me not even the slightest distress.
However, when I started taking my writing seriously I increasingly came across references to the Mac-only word processing software called Scrivener (pronounced scriv-en-er).  Not having access to a Mac, I did not get to see what was so special about it . Deep down, I always suspected that I might be missing out on something. However, in the absense of Scrivener, I have used PageFour as a recommended alternative to Scrivener on the PC. This software has stood me well but still it seems to lack a certain something.

Recently, I became aware that a PC version of Scrivener is nearing completion. In fact it is in Beta test now. You can download and try it free of charge by clicking here . What you get is a time limited trial and in return the creators of Scrivener welcome feedback on the software. It is well worth the download if you are a PC user who would like to try this software.

Having downloaded the Beta, I am currently testing / using it to see what it has to offer. My initial impression, following the short introductory video, is that this is a very exciting piece of software for writer’s using Personal Computer’s. There are some really exciting ways to organise writing material, whether it be a Novel, a Screenplay or a long research piece.  It includes some excellent templates that show, for example, the proper layout for a novel to be submitted to a publisher. I intend to give further impressions as I familiarise myself with the product.

I am looking forward to using Scrivener and I could well be a convert when the full commercial version is released early in 2011.

Why not try it yourself and let me know how you get on? I’d love to hear.


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