Holiday Reading

I have just recently returned from holidaying in beautiful Mojacar in Spain.

Fab weather, fab food and three weeks of reading at the beach.
In all, I managed to complete six books and start a seventh.

Nobody True by James Herbert. – I didn’t like it. The author blurb claims that he is one of the best. I wanted to read the genre and see what I thought. Now I know. But lots of others like it.

The Reversal – Michael Connelly – Enjoyed it, but I am a fan.  Nonetheless, I was left feeling that justice had not entirely been done. Not a spoiler.

The Fifth Witness – Michael Connelly – The premise seemed dull enough, to be honest, but this is a Michael Connelly so I got stuck in. Liked it. Another funny ending. But that’s what makes life interesting.

Every Dead Thing – John Connolly – This is JC’s first outing. It was a bit hard to get into, with the style flitting backwards and forwards in time, managed by the use of italics. But I liked it. I will read the series.

Persuader – Lee Child – Another in the Jack Reacher stable. The series is very readable. You get exactly what it says on the cover. I am working my way through the series.

Pompeii – Robert Harris – Enjoyable, especially having formerly visited Pompeii. A good telling of life as it was through the eyes of an aquaduct engineer, a wealthy freed slave, a roman military commander and scientist and a young roman woman. Enjoyable.

And now I am back to writing, of which I did a considerable amount in long hand on the beach.



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