Cold hard metal fusion

A funny thing happened to me on my way back to work. (see “Still. Here”) below.
I was involved in a car crash.
Two strong and what we in Ireland like to call “solid” cars were involved. Both cars performed admirably. No one was badly hurt.
Even as I travelled into the inevitable collision, I thought “isn’t this meant to be in slow motion?”
Well it wasn’t, I can assure you. It was all too sudden.
Airbag deployment is a noisy, pungent, startling and costly business. Just to reset / replace them is a pricey €3500 as the parts have to be transported via “surface” modes. They cannot be flown due to the explosive components.
Getting back into the driving seat of a replacement car was also, how can I put it without sounding wimpish? Let me try ‘challenging’. How does that sound?
But it had to be done.
And it was.
And I’m back to being very close to normal 🙂


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