It started well…

I had an early night in the nest and awoke at 5am feeling refreshed. You know that feeling when you feel that you have had enough sleep? No tiredness, despite the early hour and the darkness outside.And oh so somfortably wrapped up against the cold. Snug as a bug in the proverbial.

With my brain firing on all cylinders, I was considering the next scene for Schism and I figured out where I was going to get the answers that I needed to proceed to write it. Then it struck me. Why not get up now and write some of it? Yes, now! On the face of it, that seemed like a good great idea.
I mean, why not make use of the time? And start that elusive “routine” that is apparently so necessary to finishing the book. So I decided that I would get up at 6am, only 30 minutes hence. While I waited, I could just pull up the covers and enjoy the cocoon of comfortableness. And that’s how I came to have a lie-in instead. Doh!

But despite this, Schism has progressed some more in my head. There is great potential for a New Years resolution here, I know. But I won’t leave it until then. No sir. Not me.


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