A Kindle In The Wind

You have to hand it to Amazon for terrific customer service.

Returning from work on Friday evening last, I was changing into my duds (yay, it’s the weekend!) when a €2 coin fell from my pocket and onto the unprotected screen of my new Kindle. (It is a pity that a cover is not included in the price. However, Tesco’s are now selling Kindle’s and covers. The covers start at under €15. Suffice to say, I now own one.) Back to my Kindle and the €2 drop. The result was that I now had a blemish on the screen. Nothing major but a distraction. It was contained in a cluster of maybe 4 pixels – enough to fill in the space inside a letter “d”. Enough to smudge a letter. But it was magnetic. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. When I was reading a page, I kept bumping into it. A bit like a skip on an old LP (remember those? Anyone? Bah!)

Anyhow, I emailed Amazon and asked if there was some reboot procedure that I could try on my Kindle to see if it was a transient error. Something that might right itself with just the barest nudge in the right direction. Bear in mind that I told Amazon exactly what had happened. My €2. My fault. Mea culpa.

After a short email exchange and an online text chat, Amazon sent me a new replacement Kindle. No charge. I have to return the old one within 30 days – they aren’t stupid! But what a great service. Hats off to you Amazon.Well done and thank you.


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