Tweets That Make Me Mad

Usually, I enjoy reading Twitter. For the past couple of years (boy does time fly!) I have built up a select number of authors who I like to follow. Alongside twitter accounts for resources that are very useful for writers. I enjoy the banter between strangers, who seem increasingly like friends. Sort of eavesdropping on twittered conversations. I say sort of because they are not private and no one expects them to be. But they are confined to the followers so there is also a subtle feeling of belonging. I like it.

Recently, for some inexplicable reason to me, the number of people who are following my account has been increasing. Nothing phenomenal but usually one or two new people a day (I hate to call them ‘followers’) I make a point of not auto following and I make no secret of that fact. I think that that practice is a bit shallow. But that’s just me. I like to review the tweets of new people before following back. In no small part, this is so that I can enjoy the flow of tweets. I like to try and keep it to a manageable number as it can be difficult to keep up with a wordstream from 200 people. But I do have a soft spot for anyone connected with the writing business and what usually happens is I follow them to see what they are using their twitter accounts for. The ones who do nothing but self-promotion generally don’t last long with me. It’s just boring. (Note to self – “Don’t do this type of thing”)

A couple of weeks ago, I received a DM (Direct Message on Twitter) from one of the authors that I had been following. There was something about it that was, well, nasty. It said something along the lines of “Hey @donkearns, you won’t believe the nasty things that they are saying about you here …” followed by a shortened link. Well sorry. If that is a smart ass attempt at being creative with self promotion or something, I don’t buy it. In fact I “unfollowed”.
With extreme prejudice.
Perhaps his account was hacked. He wouldn’t be the first for that. But I just won’t have it.
So long sucker.
And no, I didn’t visit the link. Even if it transpired to be something harmless, I thought that it was in bad taste.
Has anything like this happened to you?


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