About Moi


I am an ordinary guy living in Ireland.Happily married with two grown up daughters.
I have several “hats” that I have accumulated over time. I have enjoyed wearing each in turn but I also have my favourites.
Right now, the hat that I most want to wear is that of writer.
I am currently writing my first novel, Schism.
Let’s see what happens.

I decided on the name for this blog from things that have featured in my life.
I was a bass guitarist with a few fairly decent rock bands that gigged around Dublin in the `80’s. Rogue Angel was perhaps the best known of them. Great times.
The bars and restaurants bits refer to the fact that I like food and wine (who doesn’t!). And it makes for a nice swishy title. At least I think so 🙂

And I will ALWAYS be 21 at heart. Make that 35. Yes. 35 was definitely better than 21. Not that I am not happy with my age now!


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