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eReaders versus physical books

I have been using the Kindle for the past year and I am generally quite happy with it. At the same time as I got the Kindle I also received a gift of the Steve Jobs biography in book form. If ever there was a good reason for an e-reader, surely this book was it. But I got the physical book and I am almost finished it, having read the Kindle for the most part of the year.

Perhaps it’s something to do with Steve Jobs but I have realised that I don’t love the Kindle. It’s great for the holidays and all but physical books still have that certain something. Maybe it’s because you can instantly see how far you have gone through the book or perhaps it’s that it never needs to be charged up. But more importantly, I realised that there is a bond established with a book. There is the look and feel. Even a smell.. And the weight. All physical properties that add to the overall experience. And of course, it exists – taking up real space. It can be seen and shared.

All of a sudden, I am not so taken with eReaders anymore. I wonder if this will be a permanent feeling.

What are your views on eReaders folks?


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