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The Syrian Conundrum

I am sure that US President Obama is a good man. He wants to do “The Right Thing”.

I take his word on that. Honestly.
Yesterday I read a quote from someone, was it John Kerry perhaps?
Basically they were saying that no one disputes that chemical weapons were used in Syria, the only thing disputed is who used them.
Hold on there just a minute. The “who” is everything. Have you seriously considered that you may be being suckered into supporting one side that may have used these weapons in order to cause you to take action against the side that did not use them?

President Obama says that the world community’s reputation is at stake if they/we/someone does not take some action on this matter. Why are the options so narrow s to necessitate the use of military force? How can any more human beings deaths correct the terrible tragedy that has already occurred?

Isn’t it about time that we, the human race, grew up? 

Americans, Europeans, Arabs, Orientals, Africans. All human beings. Nothing more, nothing less. Differences in attitudes are forged in the way we are each nurtured. Start a dialogue. Let us move together in peace into a future where we can end suffering and conflict by acknowledging that we are all the same. One Earth. One people. It’s as simple as that.



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