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eReaders versus physical books

I have been using the Kindle for the past year and I am generally quite happy with it. At the same time as I got the Kindle I also received a gift of the Steve Jobs biography in book form. If ever there was a good reason for an e-reader, surely this book was it. But I got the physical book and I am almost finished it, having read the Kindle for the most part of the year.

Perhaps it’s something to do with Steve Jobs but I have realised that I don’t love the Kindle. It’s great for the holidays and all but physical books still have that certain something. Maybe it’s because you can instantly see how far you have gone through the book or perhaps it’s that it never needs to be charged up. But more importantly, I realised that there is a bond established with a book. There is the look and feel. Even a smell.. And the weight. All physical properties that add to the overall experience. And of course, it exists – taking up real space. It can be seen and shared.

All of a sudden, I am not so taken with eReaders anymore. I wonder if this will be a permanent feeling.

What are your views on eReaders folks?


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It’s Life, Jim, But Not As We Knew It.

Having lost my day job, I have had to take a long serious look at what I can do to keep the bills paid for the next two years. Let’s face it, at my age, getting back into the workforce will be difficult at best. Despite my willingness to work for a reasonable wage, potential “bosses” will be intimidated by my confidence and experience. So I have developed a three track strategy to keep my sanity:

1) I keep applying for jobs but don’t have high expectations. If only businesses would have the courtesy of issuing a reply. I can take rejection, it’s the “not knowing” that hurts. OK. I’m saying this NOW.

2) I am concentrating on my comfort zone. I have gone back to web site development and I am enjoying it. Seriously. One of the downsides to working your way up the ladder is the fact that you can get removed from that which initially interested you in a particular career. Now, I get to choose and it ain’t half-bad.

3) Writing. No more excuses. I now have the time. It’s a matter of divvying up the time but here goes!

With the above strategy working for me, life is not bad. I can keep my positive mental attitude and I am managing to keep my head above water.

Have you any advice that you would like to share? I’m all ears.

Oh, and if you are in need of any website development, give me a call please? Cheers!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

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A Very Helpful Writing Resource

Looking for a great site to help you in your writing endevaours?

The site at www.writing.ie is superb. Whilst the site is clearly an Irish focussed resource, it is packed full of tips, event listings and copious writing resources that can help in the development process for aspiring writers and authors everywhere.

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New Writing Regime

Yesterday, I started my new writing regime.

Over the weekend, I cleared a writing space for myself in the shed and it is quite cosy.
I have my writing desk, a window to the side and electricity, light and heat.

I moved in (so to speak) and I like the feel of it so far.
The distractions are absolutely minimal.

I reckon that this is the only way that I will finish my (first) book. So here’s to it.

This morning, after a bad nights’ sleep with an upset tum, I failed to rise to start my early morning writing session. You see, I have decided that I am definitely more creative in the mornings. By the time I get home in the evenings, I am only able for a glass of wine, some TV and bed. This morning, I felt that the sleep was needed. I know this is not one of those excuses that are so easy to make to put off writing.

I look forward to tomorrows session.

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Writing Longhand

My wife likes to spend a lot of time on the beach during the Summer hols. Me, I have a tolerance limit. Or so I thought. This year, I managed to come up with a compromise. I went to the beach each day but I brought along a novel – not always the same one mind – and my trusty moleskine notebook. I wrote on the beach, longhand. I plotted, organised and blogged; all from the comfort of my seat under the beach umbrella. And I enjoyed it. I could stay on the beach all day. In fact, I hardly noticed the time pass at all. many an eight-hour day was spent this way.
Anyone else have any thoughts on writing in longhand in a notebook as opposed to direct to a computer / iPad / other input device? I’d love to hear from you.

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